The Follow-up Process (Management Corrective Actions)

After the final report is issued, agreed upon Management Corrective Actions (MCA’s) are entered into Audit Service’s MCA tracking database.

Before the agreed upon implementation date, the department will receive a request to provide substantiating evidence to Audit Services regarding the progress on implementing the action. Spreadsheets, narratives, system implementation progress reports, etc, can be used to support corrective actions taken.

Some actions can be closed by providing documentation, some will require a meeting with Audit Services, and others may require testing of the new process.

It is important to complete management corrective actions by the agreed upon due date as those that are not completed will be marked delinquent and reported to Campus management and the Ethics, Compliance and Audit Board.

The Vice Chancellors, the CFO of the Medical Center, and the Deans of Schools receive quarterly reports of open MCA’s. All open MCA’s are reported to the Ethics, Compliance and Audit Board on a quarterly basis, and past due high risk MCAs are reported annually to the Board of Regents.