Cash Controls


Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-49, the UC policy related to cash handling, defines the following cash handling positions:

  • Cashier: A person who works in a main cashiering station. The primary function of this individual is cash handling, payment processing and preparing deposits that go directly to the bank.
  • Cash Handler: A person who frequently handles cash, processes payments and prepares deposits to a main cashiering station.
  • Fund Custodian: A person who has been assigned responsibility for administering either a petty cash or change fund.
  • Depositor: A person responsible for creating the unit or departments collective cash deposit at least once each five business days.

What is considered 'cash'?

  • Cash Currency
  • Money Orders
  • Travelers Checks
  • Cashier’s Checks (also known as Official Checks)
  • Certified Checks

What do you need to know about cash controls?