Audits (Assurance and Compliance)

Thank you for visiting our site to learn more about Audit & Advisory Services (A&AS) and the Audit process. A&AS develops an Annual Audit Plan each fiscal year based on a Risk Assessment that includes an evaluation of the effectiveness of internal controls, risk management, compliance, and governance activities for several functional areas throughout the UCSF enterprise. The outcomes of these findings will be used to lay the foundation for the UCSF Audit Plan and to prioritize resources in support of UCSF strategic initiatives.

The audit process is designed and intended to provide assurance that UCSF is compliant with the myriad of rules, regulations, laws, and operative UCSF policies, but also to promote knowledge sharing among our dynamic audit team and the larger UCSF community.

Our commitment in performing each audit is premised on the following principles:

  • The team conducting the audit will be independent and objective
  • Management will be informed and kept apprised of identified risks
  • The audit purpose, scope and requirements will be communicated to ensure minimal disruptions to daily operations
  • The audit will be completed on a timely basis