Financial Management Dashboard

Managing activities in support of the University’s core missions is challenging in a complex environment governed by a multitude of policies and regulations.  Financial Management Dashboard is a new interactive web-based tool for visually highlighting financial risk and compliance metrics that may merit additional management review

Audit & Advisory Services in collaboration with School of Medicine’s Dean’s Office developed a proof of concept (pilot) dashboard tool for financial management. In 2017 IT Governance Committee approved the proposal to develop an enterprise web-based dashboard tool.  The project is sponsored and spearheaded by Audit & Advisory Services with guidance from the Dashboard Workgroup consisting of representatives from each of the schools and relevant central units such as, Controller’s Office and Budget & Resource Management. The Control Point Financial Officers Group serves as the executive steering committee for governance and oversight


Dashboard Purpose

  • Dashboard is a tool to provide quick indicators to department managers, control points, and central units to help them monitor financial and compliance risks more effectively and efficiently than current manual methods.
  • Encourages department managers to proactive monitoring of risk and compliance, facilitate decision-making and prompt remediation actions.
  • Allows UCSF to be in the forefront of continuous monitoring of risk in all critical core mission areas with easy to gauge charts and metrics. Transitioning from self-assessment to using data analytics assessment.



Financial Management Dashboard is accessed via MyAccess and requires two-factor authentication using Duo. 

If you use 'Favorites' in MyAccess, you may need to click on 'Manage Favorites' to see the full list of available MyAccess applications.

Learn more about Duo Two-Factor Authentication.

Access to the Financial Management Dashboard is granted to all MyReports users with the Financial Role. If you do not currently have the Financial Role access in MyReports, follow the request process for MyReports documented here: MyReports Access & Availability.


Getting Started

The getting started guide About the Financial Management Dashboard.

List of the Metrics Covered in the Financial Management Dashboard: