Our Services

Audit & Advisory Services' primary activity in fulfilling its mission is the conduct of a program of regular audits of the University's business operations. However, as the Internal Audit Program has evolved and restructured in recent years, it has expanded to include additional activities in order to enhance the value of services to its customers. The Annual Audit Plan outlines services provided under three types of activities as follows:


These services include the planned and supplemental program of regular audits of business units (including academic departments) and business processes that cut across all organizational units (e.g., purchasing, travel, etc.).


Pursuant to University policy, Audit & Advisory Services conducts investigations into suspected financial irregularities whether reported by whistleblowers, uncovered in the course of regular audits, or based upon concerns conveyed by management.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services encompasses a broad array of activities beyond regular audits. These additional activities are proactive or preventive in nature.

External Audit Support and Coordination

Additionally, Audit & Advisory Services supports and coordinates the activities of all visiting external auditors; assists the University's financial auditors, KPMG, in performing their examination of the financial statements; and facilitates other reviews associated with all aspects of the campus and it's programs.  See UCSF External Audits and Agency Reviews Policy for more information.

Other Services Include

  • Special studies and assessments as requested by management
  • Coordination of whistleblower complaints
  • Data analytics and scripting for continuous monitoring